One city throws in the towel

New York pulling misleading fallout shelter signs

It seems that New York City, which was likely the city in the United States with the most public shelters overall, is starting an official effort to remove some of the signs.

This particular article, as well as one from the Huffington Post mention that it is the Department of Education who wants the signs down from their public school buildings; other articles make a generic declaration that city government was beginning to remove all of the signs.

Fallout Shelter sign on a Chase Bank in Manhattan - New York City
A Fallout Shelter sign as seen on a Chase Bank branch at Sixth Avenue and West 4th Street in Manhattan on December 27, 2017

These articles actually came out while I was traveling and staying in New York City, and dozens of signs were still seen on not only private buildings (this bank, as well as apartment buildings), but some government buildings and many public housing buildings as well.

My guess is that the majority will be removed from public schools while the rest remain on other private and public buildings until they are eventually taken down or the building is demolished.

New York is rich in history and these signs are no exception; even if a mass effort to remove the signs began, it would be a long time before all of them were removed.

These articles, however, are more proof that the signs are quickly fading into oblivion. It is my goal to chronicle as many of them as possible before they are all taken down and become just a memory of a dark, scary past.


© 2017 Fallout Five Zero

Above photograph was taken on December 27, 2017 and is property of Fallout Five Zero

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