Providence, Rhode Island is the largest city in the smallest state in the Union. It currently has a population around 180,000 and is home to many universities (including Brown and Johnson & Wales), hospitals, and an AHL hockey team. It is also rife with restaurants, shopping centers, and small neighborhoods.  

At the height of the Cold War, Providence had quite a large number of buildings designated as public Fallout Shelters.

These two shots from the Providence Sunday Journal, published on June 29, 1969 show the overview of Providence, which had 5 separate insets. Interestingly, some of the shelters were marked on the map as use only by building residents, police officers, and in the case of fire stations, firefighters. 

Today, there are still a fair amount of buildings that currently have signs within (and just outside) the city. 

1. Coca-Cola

Exterior signs: 1 


2. Grande Law Offices

Exterior signs: 1 (Interior sign used on exterior) 

3. Crossroads, RI

Exterior signs: 1

4. Smith Lofts

Exterior signs: 1

5. John O. Pastore Federal Building & Post Office

Exterior signs: 2

6. Arbor Hill Assisted Living 

Exterior signs: 1

Sacred Heart Church – East Providence, RI

Exterior signs: 2

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Clips from Rhode Island Community Shelter Plan printed by Providence Journal on June 29, 1969.

All photos taken May-July 2019 and are owned by Fallout Five Zero