Below are some links to other fallout shelter and civil defense related content.

Civil Defense Museum 

Texan and southern fallout shelter/civil defense enthusiast Eric Green has a site that includes civil defense history, some fallout shelter tours from his area, information on air raid/warning sirens,  as well as historical documents and photographs from the civil defense era. A must look for anybody interested in civil defense. This is one of the first sites I ever found related to fallout shelters and I have been a visitor since.

Michigan Civil Defense Museum

Michigan resident Eric Laskowski has an extensive site on civil defense history in the Michigan area, including several tours of fallout shelters and remaining signs. fallout shelters maps from Detroit and surrounding areas, and other civil defense pictures. Excellent site.

Conelrad and Conelrad Adjacent

Two extensive sites run and maintained by cold war civilian and war veterans. Both sites are packed with historical civil defense documents and associated stories. On Conelrad Adjacent, you’ll even find the history of the fallout shelter sign, and my personal favorite, a page called Fallout Shelter Sign Cameos, which include pictures from movies and television shows that fallout shelter signs appeared in. (Second, more updated Facebook page with cameos here).

District Fallout

District Fallout is a site similar to (and predating) this one; a chronicle of remaining fallout shelters in the Washington, D.C. area. Adam Irish and Melissa Hopper have pictures and maps of remaining signs, fallout shelter history in D.C., and stories from those who remember the shelters.

Fallout Shelter NYC 

This blog contains fallout shelter and civil defense information and videos about New York City, the surrounding counties, as well as some general civil defense stuff.


Not specifically a fallout shelter site, but interesting nonetheless. Waymarking is a site that allows people to take pictures and indicate the exact location of where they are. This includes fallout shelters, of which there are hundreds of pictures from around the United States.

Cold War LA

This site discusses shelters, sirens, and Nike missile sites in the Los Angeles, CA area


If you know of a fallout shelter related link you think should be added, please contact me and I can add it.


Fallout Five Zero


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