Below is a compiled list of known Fallout Shelters in Quincy, Massachusetts

This list will be updated as new shelters are discovered or located.

  • Locations in orange still have one or more signs.
  • Locations in red have had their signs removed, or building was demolished.
  • Locations in blue are of unknown status.

If you know of a Fallout Shelter that is not on this list, please use the contact form on the contact page to have it added.

When submitting a new shelter, please include the name/type of building, the city or town it is in, and any information you have on whether or not the signs are still up (and if so, how many) or have been taken down. If the building no longer exists, please indicate that as well.

Updated March 17, 2022
© 2014-2022 Fallout Five Zero

 SHELTER LOCATION                        NOTES  
Former Quincy High School
100 Coddington Street
Building demolished 2013
North Quincy High School
316 Hancock Street
North Quincy
Exterior signs removed during
renovations by 2016
Thomas Crane Public Library
381 Hancock Street
North Quincy
1 exterior sign 
Montclair School
8 Belmont Street
Exterior sign removed by 2011 
Retail/Apartment Building
327 Newport Avenue
Quincy (Wollaston)
Exterior sign removed by
December 2011 
Former Wollaston Theater
14 Beale Street
Quincy (Wollaston)
Building demolished
United States Post Office
Wollaston Branch
5 Beach Street
Quincy (Wollaston)
1 exterior sign 
Pho Hoa
(Former Bank)
409 Hancock Street
Exterior sign removed during
conversion to restaurant 
Squantum School
50 Huckins Avenue
Quincy (Squantum)
1 exterior sign 
Bethany Congregational Church
18 Spear Street
Exterior and interior signs removed 
Snug Harbor Elementary School
333 Palmer Street
Quincy (Germantown)
1 exterior sign
Germantown Neighborhood Center
366 Palmer Street
Quincy (Germantown)
1 exterior sign on
side of building 
179 Burgin Parkway
Exterior sign over
basement door removed 
Quincy Medical Center
(Former Quincy City Hospital)
114 Whitwell Street
Exterior sign removed
Unknown if building still exists 
Former St. Ann’s School
St. Ann’s Road
Building demolished
after 2007 
Quincy Fire Department
Engine 5
182 Copeland Street
West Quincy
1 exterior sign
(interior sign used on exterior) 
Norfolk County Probation Building
(Also Petco)
181 Parkingway
1 exterior sign inside
doorway near probation
First Presbyterian Church
270 Franklin Street
1 exterior sign facing parking lot on
left side 
Newbury Place Condominiums
(Former Quincy School)
94 Newbury Avenue
2 exterior signs

4 thoughts on “QUINCY

  1. I went to Snug Harbor grades 3-5 and I remember in the basement, next to the gym, there was an area that was sorta fenced off and supposedly had stashes of supplies and food in case The US and USSR decided to nuke it out. I do remember seeing boxes of diapers there, which I guess are a need if we did get hit. This was in the mid-late 80s and haven’t been in the area in years so idk what the status of that shelter is now.

    1. Thank you for your comment! It is very likely that area or one near it held the supplies if there were any, as they tried to place them out of the way to avoid taking up usable space. As of 2014 there was still an exterior Fallout Shelter sign on the building but I would surmise that any remaining supplies have been removed.

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