Visit date: February 3, 2011

Sign status: 2 exterior signs
1 interior sign removed by 2011

The Roxbury Preparatory School, ex Boston Preparatory Charter School, nee Most Precious Blood School. is located on Hyde Park Avenue in Hyde Park’s Cleary Square.

Most Precious Blood was once a very active parish and the school hosted grades 1-8. The school was not used only for educational purposes, but once held bingo games, bazaars, and other local events. Most of these events were held in the cafeteria, which was also the area of the school designated as the Fallout Shelter.

Into the 2000s, enrollment in the school declined, the Most Precious Blood closed its doors in its original form. The school was leased to the Boston Preparatory Charter School, which later moved to River Street. The building is now used by Roxbury Prep, a public charter high school split between this location and another in Roxbury.

On the day of the visit, access was granted to the cafeteria and former shelter area, which according to the above sign had a capacity of 305. However, there were students completing work in the cafeteria, and pictures could not be secured.

This picture, however, which also appears in our vintage photo collection, shows Boston Mayor Ray Flynn handing a plaque to Bishop Riley in the cafeteria of the (then) Most Precious Blood School sometime between 1984 and 1987. This sign had been removed by the visit in 2011. This sign was above the stage area in the cafeteria and was the only known interior sign in the school.

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Special thanks to the staff of the Boston Preparatory Charter School for allowing access and providing escort during the visit.