Exterior Signs: 2
Interior Signs: 2 removed

Boston College High School is a private all-boys Jesuit high school in Boston’s Dorchester section.

The school was found in 1863 but settled on the current campus in 1950. The first building on the campus was McElroy Hall, and by 1957 there would be three total: McElroy Hall, Cushing Hall, and Loyola Hall. The first two are academic buildings, and the latter is the Jesuit residence still in use today.

McElroy Hall and Loyola Hall were both designated as Fallout Shelters, and each building still has an exterior sign.


The exterior sign on McElroy Hall indicates a capacity of 200 and had an overlay indicating shelter space in the basement.

Once inside the main door, two interior signs on either side of the stairs had been removed as indicated by the remaining adhesive on the wall.

The stairs filtered into an interior corridor which was likely the shelter space. However. no other interior signs remained and the corridor exited to a new addition of the school.


Loyola Hall is an active residence and had one exterior sign in very good condition under a covered walkway. The sign did not indicate capacity or a shelter location, but it is believed the basement corridors served as the shelter space.

Oddly, the exterior sign had an added capacity overlay over the original but was never filled in.

In the basement, the corridors and main areas are now used as a workshop and for storage but had adequate space to serve as the shelter area.

No interior signage or evidence of them remained in Loyola Hall, and the Facilities Department was unaware of any shelter provisions left anywhere in the school or if any had ever been present.

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