Milton, Massachusetts is a small town connected directly to Boston by the southernmost section of the city, Hyde Park, and as well to the small city of Quincy. It’s population in 2010 was about 27,000 residents.

There are 3 fire stations in Milton, and one of them is an older station in a section known as East Milton Square.

This fire station was marked as a Fallout Shelter, with the capacity listed at the minimum of 50.

There are 4 signs on the exterior of the station. Three of them are actual Type I exterior signs, and one is a type II interior that was placed outside over the basement stairs,

In the basement, no interior signs or supplies (if there were any) remained.


All exterior signs remain up as of today.

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All photos were taken in December 2010 and are property of Fallout Five Zero.

Special thanks to the on-duty members of the Milton Fire Department for the escort to the basement.