Visit Date: December 29, 2010
Sign status: One exterior, two interior


Boston Latin Academy, located at the corner of Warren and Townsend Streets in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood, is a large public high school housed in a building that was at one time home to both Roxbury Memorial High School and Boston Technical High School.

BLA-FrontThe front entrance to the school, as seen from Townsend Street

It is unknown how many signs once existed at the school, but prior to the visit, there had been two exterior signs: one at an entrance facing Warren Street, and one at an entrance facing Townsend Street. The sign on the Warren Street sign had since been removed, but the other one was still there.

BLA Side Entrance

The remaining exterior sign, facing Townsend Street and worse for wear.

BLA Side Entrance 2

The sign has been bent upwards and had a capacity number, but it was illegible.

BLA Side Entrance 3

Inside the building, there were no remaining interior signs on the upper floors. A building representative, when asked about the shelter, led us to a nondescript door in a first floor stairwell that would lead to the building’s basement.

BLA Interior Basement Door

When opened, the door led to a down stairwell, and inside was the first of two interior signs leading to the designated shelter area.

BLA Interior Basement Stairs 2

At the bottom of the stairs was a basement hallway and the second remaining interior sign. It seems at the very least that the shelter area was the basement of the building, with no signs indicating which part or parts.

BLA Interior Basement 3

BLA Interior Basement 4

This view of the basement hallway shows the sign to the right with the remaining hallway area. A quick look around the basement showed no other signs or evidence of shelter supplies.

BLA Interior Basement 5

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