Visit Date: February 23, 2011
Sign status: No exterior, 4 interior


The Bradley Elementary School is located in East Boston, in a neighborhood known as Orient Heights.


Bradley Exterior 1


No exterior signs remained at the time of the visit, but there used to be one to the left of the main entrance door, above the “No Parking During Snowstorm” sign.


Bradley Exterior 3


When the exterior sign was removed, a piece of it was actually torn off and left on the wall, as seen in this photo.


Bradley Interior 1


Just inside the front door, one interior sign with missing arrows is seen on the left wall, and another is seen below in an interior hallway. The shelter area in this school was an interior hallway, and not a basement.


Bradley Interior 2


Going down the stairs to the interior hallway, the second sign is seen on the right along with the hallway that would have served as the shelter area.


Bradley Interior 3



At the other end of that same hallway, looking back toward the main entrance, a third interior sign is seen on the upper left.


Bradley Interior 4

The fourth interior sign was at the base of a set of stairs leading up to the main interior hallway from a lower parking lot entrance.


Bradley Interior 6


The sign shows two arrows pointing upwards to the interior hallway area previously shown.


Bradley Interior 7


Although the rest of the basement area was not seen, it can be assumed that the basement area was insufficient as a shelter area for any number of reasons, leading to the use of the first floor interior hallway instead. This setup is also a good example of how upper floors, and not always basement areas, were designated as shelter areas.

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