Crackatorium Revisited: The Show

On September 28, former Mass College of Art students Karen Loftus and Gretchen Baer premiered their show, Crackatorium Revisited, which was a redux of their original 1983/1984 Civil Defense performance using actual civil defense ration crackers.

The original show as well as version 2 used the crackers and civil defense memorabilia to make an abstract show about nuclear war. Gretchen and Karen lived for a time in the basement area of one of the MCOA buildings, which was a designated Fallout Shelter.

Gretchen had reached out to Fallout Five Zero for information regarding the shelter and it’s status, and therefore FFZ has chosen to feature this because of the unique idea of using civil defense items in the performance.

Although the building in which they lived remains, the Fallout Shelter signs do not, albeit for potentially one, and it’s not visible if it is there.

Below are pictures of the creators and a link to a video of the performance.


The crackers they used for the redux were not actual Civil Defense issued crackers, but similar survival ration crackers made by the National Biscuit Company, known better to us as Nabisco.

Here’s a link to the video here

The area where the performance took place was dubbed the Crackatorium after the original performance, and is still called that to this day.

© 2017 Fallout Five Zero

Pictures and video owned by Gretchen Baer and Karen Loftus and used with permission. 

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