For a city that was taking them down, most are alive and well and someone even put a new one up

Back In December of 2017, New York City announced it would be removing Fallout Shelter signs, mainly from it’s schools.

This has definitely been the case at  some schools, as many in Manhattan that once had signs on them no longer do. This article from the Staten Island Advance even shows a comparison picture from when a sign was posted on Public School 18 and the after picture showing just the shadow of the former sign.

However, a visit to New York City in August showed that many private buildings still have signs on them.

This Fallout Shelter sign is still on a rectory building near Greenwich Village

And below, a night shot of another Greenwich Village shelter sign

A sign still on a private school off of West Houston Street in Manhattan

This sign, although covered with stickers and other rubbish, is still on the side of a building near Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Heading to Astoria, Queens, one can still see the damaged and bent remnants of an “S”  Public Shelter sign, which was the precursor to the above Fallout Shelter signs from 1961. This was not included in the removal program as it was likely forgotten about long ago. It is likely the only one like it left in the city and most anywhere else in the country.



Below is a picture from Conelrad Adjacent showing an example of what the sign looked like when it was fairly new

Lo-S-Shelter Sign copy[3]

Back in Manhattan, one apartment building had it’s sign removed

Fallout Shelter sign shadow on Manhattan Apartment building

However, further down the island in East Village, someone inexplicably put up a new Type II interior sign on the front of an apartment building.

New Fallout Shelter sign put up on Manhattan apartment building

Note the new condition of the sign as well as the new screws used to put it up. It is possible that this was done as a joke, or perhaps the old one was taken down for renovations or other reasons and the owner thought it needed to be replaced. Either way it was a rare and welcome sight.

There were dozens of other signs seen during this journey, again mostly on private buildings. However, many public housing buildings still had theirs.

As time goes on, many will be taken down, but for the time being, these and many others are safe.

© 2018 Fallout Five Zero

Photo of “S” Shelter Sign from and owned by Conelrad Adjacent 

Location of “S” Shelter Sign in Astoria found on Forgotten New York

All other photos owned by Fallout Five Zero and not to be used or reproduced without permission

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