That Time They Took The Sign Down To Renovate And Actually Put It Back Up

As has been seen in previous posts, this website’s mission is to chronicle the public Fallout Shelter in the United States and especially the signs that marked them, as they are being taken down at a steady rate.

Sometimes, however, strange things happen.

20 Hudson Street in Boston’s Chinatown is an older building that once housed the Golden Leaf Restaurant, and is well known to motorists from Interstate 93 (known in Boston as the Southeast Expressway) because of the large marquee on top that says “Welcome to Chinatown.”

In this 2014 Google Street View image, the restaurant is seen with the Golden Leaf signage still up.

To the left of the main door and above the red ramp, an exterior Fallout Shelter sign can be seen.

In 2016, they began renovating.

In this 2016 Google Street View image, the sign still hangs in it’s original spot.

While passing the building yesterday, it appeared that the renovations were complete, and the front facade had been either painted or the brick had been cleaned; as well, the name had been changed to Station KTV Karaoke. The Fallout Shelter sign was also gone, falling victim to time and renovation as they usually do….or so I thought until a second glance showed otherwise.

That’s right! The sign was not taken down and trashed, but moved to a different location, over to the left near the new lights above the ramp.

A second view of the building from a different angle

Next to the door, the shadow of the original sign can still be seen.

And below, the sign itself in it’s new spot.

It’s a little worse for wear after being taken down and put back up, but overall it’s still in great shape.

There are many theories available as to why those who either renovated the building, or own it, put the sign back up, but my best guess would be that they didn’t know the program was now defunct and they didn’t have to.

Either way, it’s a welcome change from the usual removal and destruction (or taking) of the signs and just one minor preservation of history, even for a short time.

Google Street View Images owned by Google and taken in 2014 and 2016, respectively.

All other photos taken on June 18, 2017 and are property of Fallout Five Zero.

© 2017 Fallout Five Zero


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