The Shadows at 20

The above photo, owned by the City of Boston Archives, shows the Claflin Building, located at 20 Beacon Street in Boston (seen to the right of the middle of the photo), sometime in the 1970’s or 1980’s. Next to the “Claflin Building” sign, 5 prominent marks from a removed exterior Fallout Shelter sign are seen.

Below are photos of the same building today

While the sign marks in the historical photo are gone, more remain inside the right side of the doorway to the building, as seen above.

The building today is private residences, and was once a great example of how private buildings were licensed and used as public shelters.

(This is across from the Massachusetts State House, which became the first public Fallout Shelter in Massachusetts on November 5, 1962).

Live or work somewhere you know (or think) was once a shelter? Let us know.

Historical photo owned by the City of Boston Archives and used under Creative Commons licensing. No portion of the photo was altered in any way.

3 modern photos owned by Fallout Five Zero. 

© 2017 Fallout Five Zero

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