Well, the sign is still there. But where is South Cove?


The picture above is owned by the Tufts Digital Library and titled “Fallout shelter in the South Cove area, ca. 1967”

The picture below is the same sign today. Although the doors are different, the lights have changed, and there’s now a building on top of what used to be a street, this is the same sign, and it is located on the rear of the Citi Performing Arts Center, or what was known for many years as the Wang Center. If you walked up the stairs from Washington Street next to Tufts Medical Center, or from Tremont Street and down the alley next to the Citi Center (this used to be “Hollis Street”), you’d find these doors and the sign above it.

Fallout Shelter Sign-South Cove/Citi Performing Arts Center, Boston

Although a definitive map of what the “South Cove” area exactly was could not be found, it is essentially what is now know as Bay Village, along with the area around Tuts Medical Center, The Doubletree Boston on Washington Street, and the Wang YMCA of Chinatown.

Passengers getting off of the MBTA’s Orange Line at the Tufts Medical Center stop will also see signs referencing South Cove, and some businesses in the area also use the name.

It is assumed that once Tufts (formerly New England) Medical Center expanded, that the street that the car was parked on, along with some adjacent streets, were demolished or changed.

At least the sign survived.

Fallout Five Zero

The top picture is owned by Tufts Digital Archive, Tufts University Digital Collections and Archives. Medford, MA.

The bottom picture is owned by Fallout Five Zero and was taken on April 26, 2015. 

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