Happy Spring

If you are visiting this page from the Greater Boston area, then the above title has more meaning than anyone could ever know. Winter sucked, plain and simple, and we are finally able to navigate the streets and enjoy some warm weather. If you are visiting from elsewhere, happy spring just the same!

Several changes were made to the page today. The Boston Fallout Shelter list has been updated (two shelters added and another updated). The remaining shelter tours at the Boston Public Schools were completed, including one with remaining shelter supplies. Lastly, a blog post with a historical picture was added.

As the weather improves I expect to obtain more pictures and add more content as much as possible.

I’m also asking, as I have in the past, if you have any photos, stories, or content to share, please contact me. You will receive full credit.

This might be a longer shot, but if you have permitted access to a shelter and would like it included on this site, contact me and I would love to do so.

Otherwise, enjoy the weather and everything associated with it.

Fallout Five Zero

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