The beginning

Welcome to Fallout Five Zero.

If you haven’t browsed the about page, this site is a chronicle of the public Fallout Shelter, some fifty years after the idea for public shelters came about. Surveying for public fallout shelters began in the US in September 1961, and was known as the National Fallout Shelter Survey. Buildings throughout the US were surveyed, and if found suitable (and in cases of privately owned buildings, permission was granted by the owner), the building was marked with signs. As well, some (but not all) buildings were stocked with survival rations.

This happened in every US state, and Massachusetts was no exception.


My interest in fallout shelters began in 1994 with this sign.



This sign, in the Boston school I was attending at the time, is in a stairwell leading to the basement and the gym. On the way to gym class one day I saw it, and although I had seen these signs before, I never gave them much thought. That was until I saw this sign. It piqued my interest. It was stately, official, and even somewhat intimidating at the time.

I began asking my parents about them. Why did they exist…did they remember them etc. And so it began.

Having spent many years on the Internet and in books reading and learning about fallout shelters, I know I am not alone in my interest. Several other sites, which I will link to at a later date, have information about or their own chronicle of fallout shelters. Thousands of pictures of fallout shelter signs from throughout the country are currently available on various search engines and picture sites. However, as time goes on and buildings or sites are renovated or demolished, signs are being removed, leaving little to no knowledge that certain buildings once served as shelters, and further removing our current generation from even knowing what a fallout shelter was.

This site, and the associated content, is based in and around Boston, but will include other Massachusetts cities and towns. I may even include out of state content as time goes on.

All pictures, unless otherwise indicated, are my own and property of Fallout Five Zero.

The site will take some time to get it the way I would like it, As of tonight, I began the fallout shelter list, which will list every known fallout shelter in and around Massachusetts. I have compiled this data from my own physical observation, and as well through research and pictures.

I will also be posting pictures of fallout shelters and fallout shelter signs that I have previously taken, and I will be taking as time goes on. The quality should be better than the above picture, for which I apologize. It was taken with a camera phone in low light (with permission) in 2010.

Once the site is fully up and running, I will be accepting user submissions of fallout shelter locations I do not already have and any pictures of fallout shelters others would like to include. Any photo submission will be given full credit.

If you’ve found your way here, thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy.


Fallout Five Zero

One thought on “The beginning

  1. I love these signs. Do you some of your own? I have an interior sign, exterior sign and some decals. When I was a kid, I was terrified of them, not knowing what they were, nor what purpose they served. We had them on our schools, inside our lunchroom and on the YMCA. Now I find them very cool metal objects.

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