A Grand Old Sign in Old Grand Lake

Contributor Theresa submitted these photos taken on February 1, 2023, from the Grand Lake neighborhood of Oakland, California showing a pole-mounted exterior Fallout Shelter sign.

Pole-mounted signs were generally seen in areas where a public Fallout Shelter was not close, and sometimes included rarely seen “Blocks” or “Miles” overlays with the number of blocks or miles away the shelter was located. There were also times when a pole-mounted sign was placed where a shelter was nearby, but the sign could not be posted on the building or structure itself (for whatever reason).

This seems to be the case here, as the sign has an “In Basement” overlay with an arrow, which likely means it was outside of a specific building or structure designated as a shelter.

© 2023 Fallout Five Zero

Special thanks to Theresa for submitting and allowing use of these photos

Photos owned by Theresa D. and used with permission

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