It used to be noodles and shelter; now it’s neither

The Ho Toy Noodle Company was located for many years in Chinatown at 72-79 Essex Street, just on the edge of Chinatown. It has since moved, but the building that it once called home is still there and was marked as a Fallout Shelter.

These photos, taken in December 2010, show an exterior Fallout Shelter sign facing Essex Street. There was a second exterior sign on the Oxford Street side of the building. The Essex Street sign was removed in 2017, and the one on Oxford Street a year later in 2018.

There was also at least one interior sign as recently as 2017, but its current status is unknown.

Recently, Vincent Tocco Jr. was in the building and sent these photos and info:

The building is just a gutted shell now awaiting some future demo. [The first two photos] are broad basement looks. [next] is the back stairway. [The next one] shows the freight elevators. [The last photo] shows the only object of any interest in the building, the remains of a very old boiler. I couldn’t find any fallout signage.

The building itself is several stories but entirely vacant, and it is unknown if the shelter area was just in the basement or on other floors. Ho Toy Noodle still exists but is operating out of other locations in Boston and a suburb south of Boston.

At least if it was ever used as a shelter, the food would have been better than the rations.

© 2022 Fallout Five Zero

Exterior and interior Fallout Shelter photos owned by FFZ.

Basement photos provided by Vincent Tocco, Jr. Special thanks for sharing them and allowing us to use them.

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