Arlo Knows Where To Go

Contributor Brian sent us these photos from the movie Alice’s Restaurant (1969), starring Arlo Guthrie, Patricia Quinn, and James Broderick. Here, Arlo is in a hospital and an interior Fallout Shelter sign is seen pointing the way to the shelter area. The placement of the arrows on the sign is a little bit of a mystery, as the “Nurse’s Station” sign seems to point left while the arrows point down, which would usually indicate a set of stairs.

As mentioned in previous posts, Fallout Shelter sign appearances were common in a large number of movies and TV shows from its creation in 1961 and still do on occasion even today. Conelrad Adjacent has compiled numerous stills of these appearances on their page Fallout Shelter Sign Cameos.

© 2021 Fallout Five Zero

Special thanks to Brian for sending these into the site.

Alice’s Restaurant (1969) produced by Elkins Entertainment and Florin

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