Fame is fleeting..Fallout Shelters go back to the mothballs once again

Although Fallout Shelters had largely been forgotten about by many, save the occasional story of finding a shelter or supplies, they got a resurgence of fame from mid 2017, when things heated up between the United States an North Korea, through January 2018 when Hawaii accidentally broadcast an Emergency Alert to their residents that a ballistic missile was inbound to the island.

Traffic to this site increased dramatically and stories about Fallout Shelters were popping up throughout many different media outlets. New York City, worried that all the trouble between the US and North Korea would lead to their residents using one of the many former public Fallout Shelters still marked in their city in case of attack, began a campaign to start removing the signs from their buildings.

However, here we are now in May of 2018 and things have changed quite a bit. The United States and North Korea have not only simmered their nuclear debate, but the war between North and South Korea has ended and North Korea has agreed to stop their nuclear program. Hawaii has taken steps to ensure that another errant alert is not broadcast, and while news stories and tensions were beginning to trend back toward 1960s levels (the Doomsday Clock was even moved to two minutes to Midnight in January), the tides have changed considerably and it seems we are again moving away from the possibility of a nuclear showdown.

What does that mean for the Fallout Shelter? Likely, it’s recent fame will be the most we will see for a while to come.

Many signs remain, though. While New York City did begin their campaign to remove their old Fallout Shelter signs, it seems the focus was mostly on schools and a few recent visits to the city show there are dozens still up on public housing buildings and many private buildings. Signs remain (for now) throughout Boston and many other major cities.

To document some of the stories that were featured during the recent surge of interest, I have created a new page called the News Archive which lists news stories from around the nation about Fallout Shelters and civil defense. One of particular interest from Long Island, NY in September of 2017 shows a school that found walled-up supplies in a basement crawl space. I will continue adding to it if new stories appear or others are found.

Fallout Five Zero is here to stay though, and still looking for shelter submissions and information. Please visit the contact page to submit or reach me. I am hoping to get more content up as the summer approaches, including some new “Out of Town” segments.

Stay tuned and happy spring!


© 2018 Fallout Five Zero

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