A Fallout Shelter was a Naval idea

The Naval Air Station South Weymouth was an active naval air station in South Weymouth, Massachusetts (about 18 miles south of Boston) from 1942 until the late 1990’s. Since then, it has been sold and plans are to redevelop the site into a large residential complex.

Many of the original buildings are still present, but most it appears are slated to eventually be demolished. Many are in disrepair.

One building, which appears to be a power plant or other industrial type building, is sporting an interior Fallout Shelter sign on its outside.

On the top right of the building is also a Gamewell diaphone.

Interesting that the diaphone is present since the next building over is a wooden structure (possibly the fire station) with a Federal Signal siren.

The power plant type building was the only one seen with a shelter sign, but other buildings on base may have had them.

© 2017 Fallout Five Zero

All photos above taken in 2016 and are property of Fallout Five Zero. 

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