Fall: A great time to go out of town

Happy Fall (or sorry Summer is over, depending on how you like to look at it)..

In addition to adding some new sites to the Boston Fallout Shelter list, I have added the first in the Out of Town series with a page on the Lockport/Niagara Falls area in Western NY (made possible by Tim and Erica, two new volunteer FFZ correspondents). They got some great pictures of 7 shelters in that area with remaining signs.

As the year comes to a close, look for more Out of Town series from places outside of Massachusetts. (If you’d like to submit an Out of Town series, send me a note here).

As well, I will be adding Fallout Shelter lists for the cities of Cambridge and Somerville and adding more general fallout shelter pictures as time goes on.

Thanks to our correspondents for making the Out of Town series a reality and thanks to everyone who visits and contributes.

The contact page is always open!





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