Update: First Week in Fallout

Fallout Five Zero has been active for a week now, and here are some updates.

The Fallout Shelter list is actively being written and compiled. It is a fairly long task, and right now I am close to halfway done with Boston. I am constantly adding to, verifying, and formatting the list and once it is done (with what I have) I will publish it. The list will be divided into two sections: Boston and the other Massachusetts cities/towns. Unfortunately, the Boston list is not in alphabetical order by neighborhood, and I’m not sure the list of other towns will be either. Therefore, I am being as detailed as possible by including the building name and it’s address.

I am actively seeking submissions of fallout shelter locations, pictures etc to add to the list and to the site. To submit anything, please visit the contact page.

Once the Boston fallout shelter list is completed and published, I will begin the picture and story sections of fallout shelters I have already visited and chronicled. I have active communication with several other sites, so hopefully I will be gathering new stuff also. I have also taken new exterior pictures of fallout shelters locally.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please let me know. Thanks to everyone who has visited the site thus far!


Fallout Five Zero

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